Friday, December 19, 2014

PK movie Review

Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani former association ('3 Idiots' in 2009) had reaped great benefits - a film with a message that has managed to obtain the approval of critics and raking in the moolah at the box office. Needless to say, the same company five years later, generated much interest.

What gives the film? The answer is a definite yes. None other than Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani have torn this feat - trying to convey a message, in a country where all rational logic is suspended every time you say the name of God.

My three year old wants to go to a new place of worship each weekend. So when a friend asked him why he wanted to go to church, he said, he wanted to pray. The next question was how would inevitably pray? And my son recited quickly,

Asato sadgamaya

Tamasoma jyotir Gamaya

Gamaya mrityormāamritam

Om Shanti Shanti shantih.

As we laughed incredulously our son singing a Sanskrit shloka in a place of Christian worship, my baby looked confused.


(Aamir Khan) perplexity PK is the same as that adventure in search of God. Everyone I met said, an Almighty Lord can help you in your search. And it was during the trip that the director of the protagonist performs work in style.

This is a sensitive issue of how religion in our country more and more about the rituals, processes and money and less on spirituality, faith and a simple emotional connection. But Raju Hirani know your audience; skillfully uses humor to convey their message.

The first half looks immaculate as the director stitch together the amazing ideas to tell a believable story. While the public it absurd joke, I also understand that in fact each has in the Indian context. He also feels the despair of PK, as you see every religious custom persuade frantically available in an attempt to convey his plea to God.

And just when the film seems to have raised the level even by their own standards Hirani, the second half seems to lose his grip a little. The message feels a bit repetitive, the television is not as attractive as the live calls Munnabhai used to get on the radio to try to solve problems ('Lage Raho Munnabhai').

The romantic track between PK (Aamir) and Jaggu (Anushka) is a bit forced.

We love the complexities of Raju Hirani and somehow the Tapsvi Maharaj face to face against PK does not play with maximum efficiency you would expect. Remember Munna (Sanjay Dutt) and Batuk Maharaj (Saurabh Shukla) showdown "Lage Raho Munnabhai" (2006), which has had such a compelling impact?

If we are guided by faith in religion, then it is the same faith that drives us to holy men and religious leaders. We might question their methods, but in areas like these really logical opportunity?

Why was the effect coupe, I wonder? Rajkumar Hirani was trying to toe a fine line, no not completely ignores the religious feelings?

Maybe I'm nitpicking, but is the team '3 Idiots' and are used to a certain amount of wit them.

Said, "PK" is definitely a must-watch, the film raises many pertinent questions. Maybe not provide very definitive answers all but essential for someone to step back and ask these questions.

How we are blinded by our belief systems? Is there a rational way to explain the ways in which we choose to adopt and practice? Sometimes all we need is the hope of clinging to religion and stipulates that, but we can do something constructive to channel despair?

I wish there was more to this film than just the religious aspect. As some inherent hypocrisies Indians PK alluding to when he decides to revisit.

See "PK" I am sure that no other recent film was distributed as genuine humor.

Sonam Kapoor in Dolly Ki Doli Movie

Sonam Kapoor will be seen in a new avatar of the last production of Dolly Ki Doli Arbaaz Khan. And the first trailer for the film promises to be a fun ride. The film revolves around looteri dulhan aka Dolly marry men and deprive them of their wedding night.

Sonam Kapoor visited the sets of reality dance show "Dance India Dance" to promote his upcoming film "Dolly Ki Doli".
He wore Kotwara by Meera and Muzaffar Ali holding Indian Bridal Week 2014. A couple of chaandbaalis lineage of his mother Sunita Kapoor, a bun, a small pencil bindi winged eyes and pink lips completed her look.

The actress took to Twitter and said he loved chaandbalis mother. She tweeted, "chaandbalis love my mom."

"Dolly Ki Doli" directed by Abhishek Dogra, Pulkit Samrat also, Rajkummar Rao and Varun Sharma. Produced by Arbaaz Khan, Sonam plays a crooked wife in the film. It will be on display January 23, 2015.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Roy Trailer

Ranbir Kapoor trailer and lots of suspense waiting Arjun Rampal Roy left. While Ranbir Kapoor Arjun Rampal taciturn and generated much curiosity in his first glances and now the trailer also add a curiosity.


Arjun Rampal plays Grewal Director Kabir and Ranbir Kapoor (Roy) plays a thief. Jacqueline Fernandez plays Ayesha Amir. There are reports that Jacqueline has a double role in the film. Ayesha plays and Tia. He is a director and the other is artistic director.

2014 most Famous Viral Videos

It was not just a viral film. It was a time of adulthood. In it, Bollywood has a large hard laugh at her own stupidity. The film follows Alia Bhatt transformation fiction of a bird brain Celebrity intellectual Rocky Balboa. But is she ready to face his greatest enemy again?

Vikas Bahl, director of the blockbuster Bollywood movie 'Queen' has created a short film entitled
"Going Home" with Alia Bhatt, in combination with "Vogue" fashion magazine. The video chats security and women's issues if we can give women the perfect world that believe exists.

Alia Bhatt is shown driving alone on a deserted road at night when their car breaks down. An SUV with five men stops and you imagine the following scene show another crime against a woman, but men help repair the car. Exchange glances to see the girl alone, but leave your home safely at the end!All women in India would be abandoned home safely at night? The video says it is "impossible in the real world." Watch the video and try to answer if we can give women a world without interference and harassment.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is Most Succesful Miss World

Wearing a shiny silver dress Roberto Cavalli, Aishwarya, 41, who won the crown in 1994, joined on stage by her husband, actor Abhishek Bachchan, mother and daughter Vrinda Rai received honor Aaradhya as organizer Julia Morley miss World last night.

"I am overwhelmed by this honor. I want to thank the World Organization Miss for this incredible honor I have received. To be able to keep the title, to take the crown of pride ... was my quiet time out and experience beauty with a purpose, "Aishwarya said after accepting the honor.

Abhishek later took to Twitter to share his joy for his wife to receive this honor.

"The lady I won by Miss World as their most successful and powerful Miss World. Honest. She has the price I had to take a bit of A (Aaradhya). I had the best deal," published.

The South African beauty Rolene Strauss was crowned Miss World 2014, while Hungary, Edina Kulcsar was Miss runner in the contest and Miss USA, Elizabeth Safrit, finished third.

Koyal Rana India was in the top 10, but could not reach the top five.

Priyanka Chopra was the last winner of India title in 2000.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Miss South Africa is your new Miss World 2014

Meet the new Miss World. Rolene Strauss South Africa won the international competition in 2014 at the ExCel center in east London on Sunday. Strauss, 22, a native of Nelspruit, which has the rights, health and education of women and their causes, was one of the 122 candidates who competed for the coveted title. She received the crown from her predecessor, Miss World 2013 Megan Young Philippines.

"South Africa is for you," Strauss said after completing her victory, according to CNN. "I'm very proud of you and I'm proud to be your representative."

Its brands that crown the first South African to win the Miss International title for over half a century ago, E! News.
Miss Hungary, Edina Kulscar was runner Strauss. Miss USA, Elizabeth Safrit of North Carolina, was third, E! News reports. Miss Thailand, Nonthawan Nonthawan Thonleg won People's Choice.

So who is Rolene Strauss? People magazine says Strauss has beauty and brains. Brown queen contest has four years of medical school under her belt with plans to become a doctor. her parents also work in the medical field.

Sunday before her coronation, Strauss kept her fans updated on her way to the title in the official YouTube channel of Miss World.

A near and dear to the heart of Strauss causes are always keeping girls in school project that helps young South African women stay in school and guide them during puberty.

"We have seen that girls do not go to school when it's your time of the month when your menstrual cycle, because they are ashamed of it. Do not know what to do when that happens," Strauss said in her "beauty with a purpose video".

"When I saw this project, I immediately saw saw health and education, which are my two passions, so I got involved in this project," she said. "We all think that to be healthy you have the money, right? You must have shoes, clothing needs, has to compensate, that's how you get rich. But the greatest wealth is health." Dropoff window

Besides her father, who told me that helped fuel their dreams of working in medicine, South Africa has revolutionary political Strauss Nelson Mandela as one of her biggest role models. "Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela's why I can talk, love, and learn freely in my country," she said in her video introduction candidate. "Thanks to South Africa, I can love my dreams."
Strauss was named Miss South Africa in March 2014. She attributed her victory to be herself and have a strong passion for South Africa. "It feels so surreal,"s he said.

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli To Live Together?

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli made headlines later. Both admitted that they are in a relationship, but want to keep private. (Well Virat Kohli breaks his silence on the relationship with Anushka Sharma)

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in the headlines to live together, it seems that Anushka and Virat follow. Yes, you read that right. Reports suggest that the PK actress has decided to live with his little friend cricket.

Anushka Sharma lives with his parents and Virat find it strange that stays in place. So the couple rented a cushion near the site of Anushka and so whenever the two of them together in the city, spending time alone in the rented place.

Reportedly, Virat Kohli as parents and Anushka Sharma are cool with the decision. So we will see in marriage on the cards soon? Stay tuned for updates.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wow Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan together Again

Rumors were Los Torres quiet some time blockbuster director, Rohit Shetty Plan Make a remake of Chalti Ka Naam Comedy Classic 1958 Gaadi starring Ashok Kumar and Madhubala By. Now That's INFORMO director has roped Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai for a remake and Players assume the role Ashok Kumar Madhubala respectively there.


Shah Rukh Khan Aishwarya Rai Bachchan shone Chemistry scammers do celluloid films Mohabbatein And as Devdas sin Screen Defects and SEEMS that "Baadshah and beauty" Daran effervescently still back on the big screen with her Seductive romanticism.

The duo continued working together after the Liberation sets of Chalte Chalte Aishwarya. However, even if they establish the differences between the two, THEN will be a pleasure para para The Public recreate magic worm.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Gauahar Khan slaped in India Raw Star

The 24-year-old man in the audience, Akil Khan Malik hit and slapped him, saying that wearing short clothes, police said. The man was arrested by police in Mumbai. He was charged with indecent assault under section 354 of the Penal Code of India.

Gauahar Khan was attacked and threatened by Akil who said, "being a Muslim woman, she would not have to wear a dress so short," said the police Aarey Colony.

According to reports, there were 250 gorillas and 2,500 people on the site. However, the man managed to break the cordon and get into a fight with Khan.

The man managed to get Gauahar when he was escorted out of place. Reports indicate that the actress was shocked and cried a lot.

"A stunned Gauahar not understand what happened. Despite the shooting was arrested Gauahar took a break of one hour to get their bearings and then reported back to the stage to finish the leftovers hours a session," a major daily reports.

Malik will occur Boriwali Court on Monday.

The actor was shot at Film City in Mumbai, Goregaon when the incident occurred.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor work together In Karan Johar’s Next?

The return of Aishwarya Rai is the most awaited in the industry. Beauty queen and Bollywood is a the most beautiful actresses after a break announced her return to Jazbaa Sanjay Gupta and also entered into two films for various directors.

The actress, in a news conference on her birthdayshe said. "In addition Jazbaathere are other scripts I've given the green light I wondered whether I should say today, but with appropriate respect of the director and producer which will do with them in the future.

Other ads I'll do with directors such that I'm going to work. But it is to an exciting year and held the front side ", and from then, reports are that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan tour was approached by Karan Johar for his next directorial project "

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ritesh Deshmukh, Genelia D'Souza blessed with a baby boy

B'town cute Married Couple  - Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza - proud parents of a baby again. Genelia gave birth to her first child on Tuesday night (November 25) evening.

Riteish and Genelia, who had been hanging out with each other from 2003, were married in 2012. They have done recently a guest appearance on the wedding reception sister Arpita Salman Khan.

Riteish took to Twitter for sharing down their happy moments.
Here is a !!!!!!!! of BBBOOOOYYYYYY - Ritesh Deshmukh (Riteishd) November 25, 2014

His friends in the industry as well tweeted congratulations to the proud parents.

FélicitationsRiteishd etgeneliad on the arrival of the maximum grant ever. Welcome to this club of parents !! - Abhishek Bachchan (juniorbachchan) November 25, 2014

And congratulations to faramineuxRiteishd etgeneliad be proud parents of a young child !!!!! I really like you !!!!! - Karan Johar (karanjohar) November 25, 2014

Congratulations to my beloved mother etRiteishd nouvellegeneliad !! Welcome to the fastest time in ur life !!! : -)) - Lara Dutta (LaraDutta) November 25, 2014

We want parents and their children in happier life ahead.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sushmita Sen turned 39 today

One of the most beautiful women of world, Sushmita Sen, is one who always has torn the casts conformist and attempted to do something different. She is an independent woman who is not afraid to express their opinions on anything and everything. And yeah, this beautiful single mom is empty! Sushmita Sen has found her happiness, not always following a man, but with her two lovely daughters.
The diva recently turned 39 years old today, and carries a life which is really inspiring. The four eternal lessons which Sushmita Sen has shown us through her actions.
You should not be married to experiment the alegrías of being a mother, and this is something that truly believe Sushmita. In 2000, when she was 25 years old and Sushmita has been gaining Awards & accolades for her supporting role in Biwi No.1, the world was her oyster. Nevertheless, she did something than any other an Indian actress dare to make; she adopted a little girl named Renee. Sushmita selected to take over responsibilities of motherhood with her acting career.
Ten years later, history repeated itself Sushmita adopting a second child. When the court granted her custody, she was released with a charming smile and said, "I feel on top of the world I named Alisah, which in Greek means joyful She's a very happy girl She will seduce you in a minute...."
Sush's mantra: Love your child unconditionally. As a mother, you should never matter to you if your child out of your stomach or your heart.

Single parents face many difficult questions. The most common, "Where is my mom / dad?" Sushmita too face their fair share of those questions from their children. One day when Renee came home from school, he asked about his father. Sushmita just smiled and Shivling (a representation of Shiva) and told him that his father was.
The way you handle all questions to ensure that their children understand the responsibilities of a single parent and respect that. Now, Renee knows that her mother will choose a father for them one day, but not without the approval of their daughters. Sush's mantra: being a single parent can be very difficult, but not impossible. The best way to deal with innocent questions your child is to be honest with them and they certainly earn their respect.

While Sushmita does not feel the need to be a biological parent, these celebrities have done the opposite.
When Sushmita was seen sporting a solitaire on her ring finger, the rumor mills began to speculate on a possible compromise. But Sushmita said it had bought 22 carat solitaire itself. Sushmita said, "I do not need a man in my life for diamonds can hold my own.".
Sush Mantra: be independent, be proud and feel free to take care of you.

Although it can be difficult being a single mother is a wonderful feeling but at the same time.
Many single women often jump into marriage once they cross their 20s. Some fear the idea of staying single for life, while others fear that social pressure. And sometimes, all those crazy thoughts get a lot of women caught in the institution of marriage without them sure about that. However, Sushmita believes, "It (marriage) is a celebration of choice" She went on to say .. "I do not think I should go with the system Our company has made this system graduating at 18 years 22 panic 27 to marry and have their first child. I do not think ... "" The DNA of each person is different. I'm definitely going to get married and for sure it will be a beautiful marriage (Masha Allah Meri shaadi Hogi Khoobsurat chest). "Therefore, it is perfectly possible to wait for the perfect man, rather than simply states due to social pressure.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Arpita Khan and Aayush Sharma wedding

Arpita Khan, the beloved sister of the "never-baccalaureate" Bollywood actor Salman Khan is all set to marry her boyfriend long Aayush Sharma. The wedding, which took place on November 18, was previously scheduled to take place in January 2015. But Arpita postponed the date to coincide with the golden anniversary of his parents'wedding.
And, like the Khan are known for their lavish celebrations and larger than life, this marriage will certainly be one to monitor. So let's give a little taste and unique details Arpita Khan and marriage Aayush Sharma.
Arpita Khan, the youngest of the Khan brothers is a budding fashion designer while Aayush Sharma is a businessman based in Delhi. They have been good friends for a long time before committing to another to enter the bonds of love and marriage.

Arpita and Aayush been dating each other since 2013, and the marriage seemed a natural step for them when they became serious about each other. The two had even a green signal from their families to make way for the wedding. A source close to the couple was quoted by a tabloid saying, "Arpita and Aayush are madly in love they are very serious about each other Aayush comes from a respectable and wealthy family Khans dote on him..." The couple are so in love that even signed another name in his arms. Really, it's a pair to be soulmates.

Earlier, Arpita was actor Arjun Kapoor dating, who even admitted that was the only serious relationship I've had to date, most recently in a talk show.

It was also reported that Aayush was considering a career in Bollywood too. And so the couple will stay in Mumbai only after marriage. Salim Khan was also quoted by a major newspaper, saying .. "From Aayush tried his luck in movies, they (Arpita and Aayush) stay in Mumbai took a rental apartment for three years, I Bandra think we should give enough time to test luck in the film as a passion for them. as it is a thriving family business, you can always join his family business later. "

It is almost 16 years after the khandaan Khan attend a family wedding. Earlier date for the wedding and Arpita Aayush was reported that in January 2015. However, when the two families were recently in Shimla to enjoy a mini vacation together, decided intend wedding date. "Arpita and Aayush were to tie the knot in January next year, but the two families have decided to have it presented to November this year," revealed a source close to the family.
Pre-wedding rituals begin with the Haldi ceremony, which should be the November 16 The family later cease to Hyderabad for the rest of the celebrations.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Alia Bhatt has hollywood fan

US actor Ashton Kutcher recently saw Alia Bhatt of "Going Home" video was an effort to spread awareness about women's safety on the road, and the actor could not help but share in his official Facebook page. Ashton also wrote "wow, just wow" with work.


Overwhelmed by the gesture, Alia also got the hang of printing the page Ashton shared on Facebook and Instagram profile.

Director of 'Queen' Vikas Bahl made ​​this short video with Alia Bhatt. The video is an effort to spread awareness about women's safety on the road and a young girl (Alia Bhatt) driving home late after attending a party shows. He told his parents he was going to join in time. Meanwhile, his car breaks down. Things get worse when a group of men stopped and turned to her lasciviously. What happens next is to be seen in the video.